What is Samsung Combination File – Combination Firmware ROM

What is Samsung Combination File? Combination File (Firmware ROM) aka factory Binary is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices. Combination Firmware. Combination ROM, Factory Binary all are the same for all Samsung device, We are trying to share with you all the latest and old combination files for free on our combinationfile.us.

So if you are a GSM technician or an entrepreneur or want to repair your Samsung Galaxy devices then you are in the right place to start from here. we are here share step by step every detailed guide thats helps you to learn faster.

Combination firmware is a factory binary service firmware file, This firmware file helps a developer for testing the mobile hardware by flashing it. It can test all the hardware waterproofs, test speakers, also a sensor, Network, and all the hardware and also software-related information.

Nowadays, Samsung Combination File is mainly downloaded for Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP). This file also helps you to Remove Google Account verification lock from your device.

What is Samsung combination File (Firmware ROM)?

If you are thinking that, What is Combination File (Firmware ROM) in Samsung Android? Then check below you will find your answer with a few simple words. Combination File is a factory Binary service firmware file for Samsung Galaxy mobile.

What is combination firmware?

Faceing FRP lock issue on your Samsung Galaxy device, no problem with this combination Firmware you can easily Bypass FRP lock from your device, only you need a Free tool called Samsung Odin tool, no need any other paid tool or dongle or boxes, just follow the our FRP Bypass Samsung Galaxy with Combination File method,

Benefits for Flashing Samsung Combination File

  • Flashing Combination File Firmware easily helps you to Downgrade version of Android in your Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Easily fix the device doesn’t have the key (DRK) issue.
  • Combination File can easily fix Stuck at The recovery Mode problem in your device.
  • I ts help to fix Stopping at Recovery mode in your Samsung galaxy devices.
  • Samsung Combination File Firmware fixes stuck at Samsung Logo problem.
  • It’s easily Fix Ithe MEI problem in Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Fix unknown baseband problem in Galaxy devices.
  • Bypass the “FRP” (Factory Reset Protection) in Samsung devices.
  • Fix the Google Account verification problem in Galaxy devices.

Check below we are sharing some small discussion about the benefits of Samsung Combination File (Firmware ROM)

Downgrade Android version on Samsung Galaxy device

Nowadays, Samsung has updated their latest security patch on their latest and old Android device, If you are updated your device to the latest Android version and then you are facing some problem with your device, then you need reinstall the latest firmware, but sometimes if you are facing some error while you trying to flash your device then you need to downgrade the Android version on your device. how to downgrade your Android version: check below we are sharing the detailed guide.

Easily fix the device doesn’t have the key (DRK) issue:

Samsung Combination firmware helps you to fix all the DRK issue on your Samsung device, Samsung DRK issue comes for while you flashing the wrong version of Samsung firmware. After the flashing of the Combination file, you can easily fix the DRK issue on your Samsung devices.

Fix Stuck at Recovery Mode on Samsung Device by flashing Combination File

You can fix stuck at Recovery mode on Samsung device by flashing Combination file, yes if your device got boot loop and Stuck at Recovery Mode then Samsung Combination File (Factory Binary) helps a lot.

Bypass FRP Google Account by flashing Combination File

You can easily Bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) by flashing Combination File on your device. Is your device stuck at Google Account Verification lock, then this file will help a lot. We are writing a detailed guide about it, so follow the below link.

Samsung combination file also called factory Binary file, Go to Samsung recovery mode by pressing Power + Vol UP and Home (If you have new galaxy device – without home key) then just vol up and power button, once your device booted then release the power button but keep pressing vol up key, wait for a few seconds then you will be redirected to Samsung Recovery Mode. Now check the below image to download the Combination File according to your device firmware version.

What is Samsung Combination File, What is Combination Firmware

Combination File Android Version Compatibility check:

Android VersionBinary  Code
Android Pie 9.0FA90
Oreo Android 8FA80
7.0 Android NougatFA70
Marshmallow Android 6FA60
Lolipop Android 5.1FA51
Lolipop Android 5.0FA50
KitKat, jellybeanFA44
Tizen Sam OSFTMA

Combination File Month check Code list


Combination File Revision Code Check

Revision 11
Revision 22
Revision 33
Revision 44
Revision 55
Revision 66
Revision 77
Revision 88
Revision 99
Revision 10A
Revision 11B
Revision 12C
Revision 13D
Revision 14E
Revision 15F

Combination File Check Bootloader Version

Bootloader version is also the main thing in Samsung Combination File, Check below Recovery mode pic, and Follow the Same thing to check the actual Bootloader version of your device also in combination file, if you choose wrong bootloader combination file then you can’t flash the Combination file rom on your device.

Example:- If your device has (U1) Bootloader version then you need to download the (U1) version combination file to Flash your device.

Samsung Combination File is officially created by samsung.co. You can fix various problem, you can put your device into developer mode by flashing this files, this file helps you to check your device software and hardware issue you can test your hardware parts by flashing this file, like – Sensors, Memory, ROM memory, rear and front both cameras, Fingerprint sensors, and check RAM memory test network signal, frequency and Radio signal, and also helps to fix and test your device software files also fix FRP issue, DRK, IMEI, many more issues, Check below we also provide some answers about Samsung Combination File (Firmware ROM).


FAQ about Samsung Combination File (Firmware ROM)

Q. What is the Samsung combination file ? or What is a combination firmware for Samsung device?

=> Samsung Combination file is a Samsung Factory Binary file, This is not Samsung original Firmware file, This file only using for testing purposes.

What is combination file z3x?

Combination File only available for Samsung devices, If you have z3x tool then you can download the combination firmware directly from there server. you can flash combination firmware using the Z3x box also.

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